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27 Mar 2023
0.5 [GB]


  • 1997 V0.1 Imageprocessing -Context.Scope.Library with 80% asm code released.
  • 1998 V0.2 ImageLabelDetector implemented to rapid iseling pixelanalysis.
  • 1999 V0.3 USB -Webcam/BT878/VFW/TWAIN driver Support.
  • 2000 V0.4 OpenGL RenderEngine with realtime ImageMapping created.
  • 2001 V0.5 Industrialcamera support with CameraLink.
  • 2001 V0.6 FireWire and CMU 1394 integration, by layering all Hardware images sources.
  • 2002 V0.7 Siemens programmierbare Steurungen (SPS) (PLC).
  • 2002 V0.8 TCP Network integration to send Processinformations to clients.
  • 2002 V0.9 Multiprocessing ImageProcessFilterNetwork -VisualFilter 1.0 released.
  • 2003 V1.0 ModBus -protokoll, focus to WAGO 750 Series.
  • 2003 V1.1 PatDetect created for usable it in excel/word sheets with VBA/S.
  • 2004 V1.2 Dynamical XML -Property trees created to change and edit at runtime.
  • 2004 V1.3 Mouse measure with different calibrations, and points on live camera image.
  • 2005 V1.5 Extend internal ImageLibrary to handle mutiple Bit-Depths. Asm usement to SSE2 CPU's 
  • 2005 V1.8 Implement primitives geometry painting into memory without HAL and GDI using Bresenham.
  • 2006 V2.0 PatControl.exe handle PatDetect and bring more ImageSource -Support to handle all Images equal.
  • 2007 V3.0 Integrated -Patterndetection "Area of Interesst" selection at runtime. User defined pattern selection.
  • 2008 V3.3 Integrate massively LUA Support for dynamical parallel ImageProcessors.
  • 2008 V3.5 DeepFocusStacking implemented (Pyramidial algorythm).
  • 2008 V3.1 GPU Support via OpenGL -shaders and NVSDK to handle 3DView with high performance.
  • 2009 V4.0 Hardware -Communications to PIC'S (ADUc7020/ARM's) implemented via RS232 and LUA.
  • 2010 V5.0 Data -ASCII rotation logfile generator, for excel readable logfiles.
  • 2010 V5.5 Rotatation testplan support, controled from remote and editable options via *.set files.
  • 2010 V5.8 Layered -Pixeloperation handling integrated by LuaLayer.dll. Or with specialized Hardcode layers. 
  • 2011 V6.0 Cam3DView encapsulate OpenGL -RenderKernel -Engine for using in PatControl.exe.
  • 2011 V6.5 Dynamical -Property trees implemented for Cam3DView with mutiple CameraViews.
  • 2012 V6.6 Publish the established VisionSystems as Downloadable, in free or dongeled exclusiv Version.
  • 2013 V7.0 Internal optimations to support all versions of Windows  from XP to W10.
  • 2013 V7.1 Integrate ARM Processorboard support for LinuxBased client, receive Datas and Images via TCP.
  • 2014 V7.2 Extend function amount for LUA  -Support Version 5.3 now.
  • 2014 V7.3 Integrate colorcode detection, and color information, interpretation into text classes.
  • 2015 V7.4 Support for VisualFilter / ImageProcessFilterNetwork. Camera layer -extension.
  • 2015 V7.5 Support for DirectShow / Tucsen(HS/TS131/130HC).  Camera layer -extension.
  • 2015 V7.4 Imagerecognition supported from LUA-Script to find eqal characters in different images.
  • 2015 V7.6 Support for QuickCam/ProjectSelection/ToolTips and multilangual online documentation.
  • 2015 V7.7 Full screen mode / hideable userinterface integrated./ UI Optimations / PixelLensClassifier
  • 2015 V8.0 MultiPattern Programmless Testplans,3D ProfileView,Measure realtime monitor,internal optimazions. 
  • 2016 V8.1 MultiLensView integrated, faster Image drawing, full integrated optional Hardware signal I/O Dongle 
  • 2016 V8.2 Jenoptik HighEnd -USB3.0 multiple Camara support integrated
  • 2016 V8.3 For all Camera's including Twain32 support via ConfigFiles
  • 2016 V8.4 Integrate Keyence 3D-LaserTriangulationssensor Audio/Hardware/Dongle/Capturing via ScopeCam
  • 2017 V8.5 Optimized Userinterface, Jenoptik Camera support extended.  UI / DxShow / Twain Support extend
  • 2018 V8.6 Extended Camera integration and Item -Process handling
  • 2018 V8.7 Nokra 2D Triangulation stereo sensors integrated.
  • 2018 V8.8 WindowsXP Support removed by security
  • 2018 V8.8 ProfileView extended with (Sigma spreading eraaser)
  • 2018 V8.8 LaserSensor interation Nokra 
  • 2019 V8.9 3D Approximation extension for laser sensors integrated
  • 2019 V8.9 Rotation Testplan optimized  and some optimations integrated
  • 2020 V9.0 Improve Property-Tree Prepare for 64Bit compatibility. camera support extended
  • 2021 V9.1 Support for Portal-System HIGH-Z S-400T extendet. Many detail optimazion's implanted.
  • 2022 V9.2 64 Bit Version available Raspberry Pi Camera as external Webserver integrated
  • 2023 V9.3 Implementation of OpenGL WaferView integrated used by overlayed GerberFiles 
  • 2023 V9.5 Optimizing Gerber file export from 3DView in preparation to WaferView there is now included
  • 2023 V9.5 Incrase masses of camera inspection images and test - plan example projects with scripts
  • 2023 V9.5 Arduino projects and documentation included, image clipborad transfer for tcp clients added